Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?
Please refer to our Contact Page.
Where can I park?
Please refer to our Contact Page.
What are your hours?
Generally, our hours are Monday – Sunday, 12 pm – 8 pm but we are appointment-only and keep our doors locked to the general public. The best way to secure a consultation or appointment is to contact your preferred artist directly.
What are your rates?
All of our artists have independent tattoo rates, deposit requirements and wait times. Browse our Artist Profiles or contact your preferred artist directly for more information.
What forms of payment do you accept?
The safest form of payment is cash. Please contact your preferred artist directly to find out what other forms of payment they accept.
Do you have an on-site ATM?
We do not! The closest ATM is located at our intersection’s corner store but stopping by the bank or an ATM ahead of time is always best.
Is there anywhere to eat nearby?
Yes! We are in close proximity to Berkeley Bowl and Whole Foods and surrounded by a number of restaurants, coffee shops, corner stores and gas stations.
How do I make an appointment?
The best way to secure a consultation or appointment is to contact your preferred artist directly.
What info should I provide when requesting an appointment?
When contacting your preferred artist, please include the following: a brief description of your idea with photo references, approximate size, placement and whether you want full color or black and gray. Please also include your contact info and availability to make scheduling more efficient.
How can I prepare for my upcoming appointment?
Stay hydrated and eat something 1 – 4 hours prior to your appointment—bring a snack if you’re in for a long session! Wear appropriate clothing and sign our consent form to save time. Bring the completed form to your appointment or email it to
Do I need to bring anything with me?
You must have a current, valid ID.
Can I bring a friend?
You may bring up to 2 people with you but please be considerate of any other artists at work.
Are there any health conditions that could prevent me from getting tattooed?
Some causes for concern include: blood-thinning medications, heart conditions, low immune conditions and pregnancy but always consult with your doctor first. If you have a cold or are feeling sick, we kindly ask that you please reschedule your appointment!
Are your tattoos vegan-friendly?
We are not a vegan shop and do not use vegan-friendly cleaners, as they are medical-grade and non-negotiable. It is possible to use vegan-friendly products during your session but you will need to contact your preferred artist ahead of time to discuss. We are only able to relay information from the product manufacturers and do not accept responsibility in the event that any information they provide is incorrect.
This is my first tattoo! Will it hurt?
It sure will but the pain is a right of passage! Many say it feels like an electric cat scratch. Tattoo placement and your personal pain tolerance factor in too—the pain can range anywhere from annoying to excruciating. Please refer to the Appointment section above to see how you can best prepare yourself.
How do I care for a new tattoo?
Click here to download our aftercare instructions and please do not ever hesitate to contact your artist with any questions or concerns—we care about your safety!
What if my tattoo needs a touch-up?
No problem! We understand that skin can be tricky. Please contact your artist directly to find out what their terms and conditions are and to schedule an appointment with them directly.